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Rising Sun Health has proudly partnered with Gill's nutrition niche for all nutritional guidance. 

Why Offer Nutrition to our members?

Nutrition should not be seen as:

  • an extra

  • a bonus or

  • a supplement to training

as it is essentially the foundation of all movement and energy.

Most people leave gyms because:

  • ·They aren’t getting results

  • They aren’t having fun

  • They don't have time / not showing up

By focusing on nutrition even when not at the gym due to work commitments or because you are away on holidays, you can still support your goals and overall health.

With ongoing support through social media members can still achieve weight loss, increased energy and better mental health.

Who Is Gilly?

Gillian Russom has vast experience, knowledge and training in shaping and guiding clients in both nutrition and in fitness. Being an active athlete herself, Gilly understands how crucial good nutrition is to reaching your individual goals. Gilly thrives on leading from the front helping motivate and guide through nutritional planning and goal setting.


  • Is a Qualified Nutritionist

  • Is a Level 2 Crossfit Instructor

  • Holds a Certificate in working against gravity


Gills Nutrition Niche will help educate each of her clients on the importance of managing health outside of the gym. This will ensure you achieve the most out of your training by increasing energy output, ensuring rest and recovery is optimal to prevent injury, as well as maintaining a healthy weight range for long term health. 


For more information on one on one nutritional programs please email

or you can follow the link to Gill's Facebook page Gills Nutrition Niche | Facebook  or Instagram don't forget to mention that you are from Rising Sun Health 

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