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Head Coach & Owner

Aaron Marcelino


Aaron has a proud history serving his country for over 20 years while perusing his passion for health, fitness and wellbeing with over 10 years experience in this field.


When you train with Aaron, you can feel confident that each and every workout is tailored to YOU and your journey throughout EVERY STEP or the way.

Your can be sure you will be welcomed through the door each and every time  you train, and know that YOUR goals will be MY goals. 

Aaron is a fully QUALIFIED and EXPERIENCED coach and MENTOR, with formal qualifications to show his dedication to a well rounded program for all.  Aaron proudly has:

  • Certificate IV in Fitness (required under Australian law);

  • Level 2 Crossfit Instructor

  • Level I Australian Weightlifting/ Sport Power coach

  • Kids Crossfit Instructor;

  • Level 2 Kettle Bell Instructor;

  • Current First Aid and CPR;

  • Working with Children certification, and

  • Military combat instructor, including hand-to-hand combat techniques

Aaron's passion is spreading his knowledge of health and fitness to the community and creating an environment of inclusiveness and affordability for all.


Elle Reeves


Elle fell in love with all things health, functional fitness and CrossFit many years ago. 

Elle has her Certificate III & IV in fitness and Level 1 CrossFit Trainer under her belt and possesses a limitless mindset where comfort is no option.  Elle endeavours to forever learn, grow and adapt with the health and fitness industry and pass that onto her community.

Elle is kind and patient and loves helping people discover their own capabilities and strengths both physically and mentally. 

Please feel comfortable to approach Elle for a chat if you see her around.


Josh Cummins

Josh photo.jpg

Josh has been doing personal training for 18 months. Josh wants to educate and help as many people as possible. Plus he love gym life too.

Josh has a Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness, Josh is also about to start a Bio Mechanics method in corrective exercise course at the Functional Training institute in August.

Josh would also in the future like to do a nutrition course, Crossfit instructor course and complete his Strength & Conditioning course.

Josh can be heard playing electronic remixes or Fisher during class.

Josh's Favourite exercise is a Romanian Deadlift and likes any workout that doesn't require "His Chicken Legs".

In his spare time Josh loves to go out and relax with family & friends and enjoys Ribs and Wings finished off with a cold Corona with lime.

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