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Isabelle Paterno


I graduated with my Diploma of Remedial Massage in 2018 at Canberra Institute of Technology and have experience in clinic and in corporate massage which I loved because I enjoy working with a diverse group of people!


I chose remedial massage because I knew I wanted to work within healthcare - nursing in particular - but didn’t want to commit to a degree. I went and got a treatment at the student clinic at CIT and was fascinated by how much the student therapist knew about the body and instantly knew I wanted to do that.


I hope to be certified soon in cupping, myofascial scraping and dry needling.


The biggest thing I want to give my clients is improved quality of life. Life is hard enough and the last thing anyone wants is being held back by pain or lack of mobility.


I love to hike, do casual yoga and I love lifting weights, focusing on the big compound movements 💪. However, that doesn’t stop me from playing video games!


 My mobility routine consists of kneeling lunges for my hip flexors and glutes and cat-cow for spinal mobility.



10am - 3pm

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